EaseUS Disk Copy Home Edition

EaseUS Disk Copy Home Edition Version 3.5 Free

Make bootable copies of your PC on a CD or a DVD with consummate ease and never lose your data

Having backup copies of your PC’s hard disk is always a must because it helps you to negotiate situations like operating system errors in much better way and also recover your data should the need arise. EaseUS Disk Copy Home Edition is a great tool for all PC users as it allows them to create copies of their disk on various forms of storage media such as USB drives, DVDs and CDs. Also, users can create ISO image files of their disk using the program. Users can also clone their hard disk and create partition using EaseUS Disk Copy Home Edition. To sum it up, the program does every kind of disk operation that you can imagine without any kind of hassles. The biggest highlight of this program is that it can be run from even a USB drive and there is no need for the user to have a permanent copy of the program in his or her machine. The user interface is minimalistic and this helps users to avoid any mistakes that they might make when trying to make a copy of their disk. The built in burning functionality recognizes any blank DVDs that you might have in your optical disk bay instantly and prompt you by asking whether you are interested in using it to make a copy or not. The entire process of creating a bootable copy of your disk does not take more than a few minutes and it works brilliantly every single time without fail.
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